Thursday, July 12, 2007

Round-Up: July 12

Here is a round-up of today's Bestiaria Latina blog posts (you can browse through previous round-ups at the Bestiaria Latina Blog archives). Today's proverb is Amicorum sunt communia omnia. In English: Friends have all things in common. Listen to the audio, and read a fragment of Ennius which shows how no one loses by sharing! Here is the audio for 10 more Latin proverbs - just the audio, but there is a link to a page where you can get English translations and commentary on the proverbs, too. Today's group includes a wise saying for those of you with credit cards: Felix qui nihil debet., "happy is he who owes nothing." I'm continuing to work my way through the 15th-century Latin fables of Abstemius! With each fable I'm posting the Latin text, a segmented Latin text, along with an English translation by me, plus the rollicking 17th-century translation by Sir Roger L'Estrange. Today's fable is one of my favorites: De Urso et Apibus: The Bear and The Bees. This is a fable that also shows up in Barlow's Aesop, so you can see how Barlow depicted the plight of the foolish bear here! This Latin crossword puzzle goes with the story of the bear and the bees (see above). Below is a smaller image of the crossword; visit for a larger version you can print along with a word list, clues, and the solution, too.

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