Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Special Edition: Brevissima Poster Project

Now that I've got a whole year of Latin LOLCats done (more about that here), I've been pondering what new project to focus on in 2013. Since I am having so much fun with the Automotivator poster generator, I've decided to see if I can do poster images for all the poems in the Brevissima book from last summer. I really like the poems from that book and they all have very easy vocabulary, so I'm excited about this new way of sharing the poems. Here's what you can expect:

Poster Images. I'll be adding the poster images to the blog posts at the Brevissima site, where there is already a blog post for each poem in the book. I'm replacing the old images with the new poster images; so far, I've got 175 poster images in place.

Widget. I've also got a widget (of course!) that contains all of the posters, and I'll keep updating the widget as I create new ones.

English translations. In addition to the posters, I'm also adding English translations. The poems all have vocabulary lists already and they are not hard to read - but I know there are some people who want access to an English translation, too. In the hopes of getting people to work through the Latin first, I'm tucking the English translation down at the very bottom of each blog post. So far, you will find English translations for the first 75 poems in the book.

Book PDF. If you are enjoying these poems, I would urge you to download a copy of the complete book, given that it is going to take me a year or more to come up with posters and translations for all of the poems in the book. You can download a PDF copy of the book, or if you prefer you can browse and read the book online here. For people who like the left-right facing pages (poem on left, vocabulary on right) and the heft of a book in your hand, you can get a printed copy from

Meanwhile, at the top and bottom of this blog post, you can see some random poster images - and if you are reading this via email or RSS, visit the blog post to see the random posters appear.