Sunday, July 6, 2008

New ISBN and cover for Aesop's Fables

Back in 2002, I published an English translation of Aesop's fables in the Oxford University Press World's Classics series (you can find out more about the contents of the book at my website).

Just today, I learned that the series has been reissued with new covers... and with new ISBN numbers! That was a big surprise to me; I know that books change their covers, but I thought the ISBN number was something very stable, something like a unique identifier for a book - apparently not! Even though the contents of the book are identical, the ISBN number has in fact changed.

I've tried to update my websites where I linked to the book listing at, but I'm not sure I caught them all, since I never anticipated that the ISBN for the book would change. Anyway, here is a picture of the new cover - it's from the fable of the fox and the stork - along with the new ISBN number. :-)

Old ISBN 0192840509

New ISBN 0199540756

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