Saturday, March 10, 2012

Special Edition: March 10 - Distich Slideshow

Getting ready for the upcoming summer project, I've put up the first version of a slideshow approach to Latin distich poetry, and I'd be curious for any feedback - you can see the slideshow over at the Disticha Latina blog: Cato 3.1: Ne Discere Cessa. I've also embedded the slideshow below.

I created the slideshow using Google Presentations, which are easy to share with others and easy to embed in a blog, too. Since this is a "live" document being delivered by Google, that means you are seeing the latest version here. As I keeping making changes, additions, and corrections (as I surely will!), the current version will be on display wherever I have embedded the slideshow. Nifty! I've created a few more slideshows now, too.


RRR said...

What a way to teach! Excellent!

Andrea Weis said...

I think the sequence is perfect. By leading a student through the steps and helping to anticipate by asking the next question you are reinforcing the reading skills that will help make it impossible NOT to understand. Also, using a distich makes it doable-the student gets the gratification of mastering the entire piece.

Laura Gibbs said...

Thanks so much for your comment, Andrea - I decided to start working on the distichs for exactly that reason. They are kind of in-between the things I usually work on: they are larger than proverbs and better able to stand on their own... but they are shorter than fables! I am really hoping to find lots of good distichs that students will enjoy reading and which will really be easy to understand. :-)

Richardus said...

Terrific Laura! I definitely think this is a great way to learn Latin.

Thank you so much for your effort.