Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Round-Up: October 7

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AudioLatinProverbs.com: In addition to the Latin proverb of the day, I've added a new essay to the AudioLatinProverbs.com blog about the saying Parentes patientia vince (In English: Overcome your parents with patience). Listen to the audio, and listen to some Latin advice for handling family matters!

Greek Proverb of the Day: Today's proverb is Ὀυκ ἀεὶ ποταμὸς ἀξίνας φέρει (English: The river does not always offer axes - an allusion to the famous Aesop's fable about Mercury and the man who lost his axe in the river). You can use the Javascript to include the Greek proverb of the day automatically each day on your webpage or blog - and each Greek proverb also comes with a Latin version.

Latin Via Fables: I'm presenting the "Barlow Aesop" collection, fable by fable, with my commentary on each. Today's fable is Fable 7: Pavo et Grus, the story of the beautiful peacock and the high-flying crane. Here is Barlow's illustration:

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