Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Widget: Roman Emperor of the Week

One of the big advantages to having unexpectedly moved the Bestiaria Latina blog from b2evo over here to Blogger.com is that I am able to include scripts in the actual blog posts (for those of you reading this via RSS, you'll need to actually come to the blog to see the scripts run).

The script I wrote this week, just for fun, is a "Roman Emperor of the Week" script, which is also available as a "Random Roman Emperor." What this means is that you can cut-and-paste the line of code that calls the script, and add this content to your website or your blog - anywhere that allows you to cut-and-paste HTML in the form of a javascript.

You can find the script for the Roman Emperors over at my SchoolhouseWidgets.com website. I've even made a Google Gadget version available too, for those of you who are using the wonderful iGoogle service.

I really had a lot of fun putting this together, and I'm looking forward to educating myself about the history of the Roman empire this way, especially the later Roman empire. Right now, we are on Gallienus, a mid-third-century emperor. For each emperor, you can read the wikipedia article (for Gallienus, it happens to be a very good article!), or the detailed article available at the De Imperatoribus Romanis website.

Although this is a busy summer for me, I hope to be making some more scripts related to Latin and/or the ancient world in general. I've also got a selection of other scripts available at SchoolhouseWidgets - share and enjoy!

Those of you at the blog will see both the emperor of the week and a random emperor displayed here - those of you reading this via RSS will have to come to the blog to see the scripts at work. :-)

And remember - just click on the little "question mark" icon to go to the page where you can grab a copy of the script to add to your own webpage or blog template!

Roman Emperor of the Week

Random Roman Emperor