Sunday, June 27, 2021


Hello everybody! This is a special post with information for anyone who subscribes to this blog by email, plus there is also an update to the perdix story below. 

The Feedburner email service I have used for about 10 years here is going away in July. If you want to continue to receive new posts by email, I need you to fill out this Google form; if the embedded version does not work, you can access the form with this link.

I don't know if Feedburner has contacted subscribers directly, but there is the notice I received as the owner of the blog:

Update to the Perdix storyThanks to a reader for writing to ask about sources for this partridge legend; I completely forgot to include that information here. This story about the partridge forms part of the bestiary tradition (there is a lot of overlap between bestiary lore and the animals in the Gesta), and that bestiary tradition emerges from Roman natural history writers like Pliny. More information and references here at the wonderful site: Perdix. You can read the Latin text of Pliny here. Even better: this is an actual animal behavior; more about that at Wikipedia: Distraction Display.