Friday, August 21, 2020

Latin Proverbs and Fables Round-Up: August 21

Here is a round-up of today's proverbs and fables. You can keep up with the latest posts by using the RSS feed, or you might prefer to subscribe by email.

HODIEante diem duodecimum
Kalendas Septembres

Ars varia vulpis, ast una echino maxima.
The fox's technique is various, while the hedgehog 
has just one technique: a big one.
(see Wikipedia)

Non umquam magnum te dicam nomen habere,
Ni vere magno nomine digna geras.

Naturae convenienter vive.
Live in accord with nature.

Deo favente, florebo.
With God's favor, I will flourish.


Pater, Filius, et Asinus
Latin version
and English version(s)