Sunday, May 3, 2020

Latin Proverbs and Fables Round-Up: May 3

Well, that was quite a semester...! But my summer has started. I hope everyone is doing well in this terrible time, and I'll try to keep up the Bestiaria here over the summer.

HODIE: ante diem quintum Nonas Maias

Ocior accipitre.
Swifter than a hawk.

Temporibus nostris quicumque placere laborat,
Det - cupiat - quaerat, plurima - pauca - nihil.

Simile appetit simile.
Like seeks like.

Timendi causa est nescire.
Ignorance is the cause of fear.


Tubicen Captus
Latin version and English version(s)

Pater, Filius, et Leo

I'll be including one more fable in each blog post for a while, connected to my 100-word story project. Aesop is part of that project, along with other 100-word stories; you can find out more here: Drabbles: 100-Word Stories. The English is not a translation of the Latin; instead, it's a 100-word story is English on the same subject as the Latin fable.

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