Thursday, November 26, 2020

Bestiaria Latina: Special Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to all! The Latin word gratia is very difficult to translate into English: it means thanks and gratitude and love and so much more, including grace ("saying grace" is saying "thank you"). You might take a few minutes just to look at the range of meanings: Lewis and Short.

I'm not sure when I'll resume regular Bestiaria blog posts again (soon, I hope!)... but for now, here are some Gratia-Cats you can enjoy for the holiday. :-)

Gratia gratiam parit.


Gratia referenda.


Non gladio, sed gratia.

Not by means of the sword, but by means of GRATIA.

Beneficium et gratia vincula sunt concordiae.

A good deed and GRATIA are the cords of unity.

Gratia quando datur, studeas ut restituatur.

When GRATIA is given, make sure to do the same in return.

Super argentum et aurum gratia bona.

Above silver and gold, GRATIA is good.

In omnibus gratias agite.

In all things, do GRATIAS.