Friday, April 18, 2014

Latin Proverbs and Fables Round-Up: April 18

Here is a round-up of today's proverbs and fables - and for previous posts, check out the Bestiaria Latina Blog archives. You can keep up with the latest posts by using the RSS feed, or you might prefer to subscribe by email.

HODIE (Roman Calendar): ante diem quartum decimum Kalendas Maias.

MYTHS and LEGENDS: The art image for today's legend shows The Judgment of Paris; you can also see the legends for the current week listed together here.


TINY MOTTOES: Today's tiny motto is: Paulatim (English: Little by little).

3-WORD PROVERBS: Today's 3-word verb-less proverb is Iustitia virtutum regina (English: Justice is the queen of the virtues)

AUDIO PROVERBS: Today's audio Latin proverb is Inter pygmaeos regnat nanus (English: Among the pygmies, the dwarf is king). To read a brief essay about this proverb and to listen to the audio, visit the Latin Via Proverbs blog.

PUBLILIUS SYRUS: Today's proverb from Publilius Syrus is: Deliberando discitur sapientia (English: By pondering, wisdom is learned).

ERASMUS' ANIMALS: Today's animal proverb from Erasmus is Caudae pilos equinae paulatim vellere (English: To pluck the hairs of a horse's tail - one by one; from Adagia 1.8.95, and compare the simple motto Paulatim above!).

BREVISSIMA: The distich poster for today is Vicini Tecta. Click here for a full-sized view.

And here are today's proverbial LOLcats:


MILLE FABULAE: The fable from the Mille Fabulae et Una widget is Ursae Catuli et Leaena, a story in which the lion rebukes the mother bear and her cubs.

FABULAE FACILES: The fable from the Fabulae Faciles widget is Puer et Paedagogus, a story about a very unhelpful teacher (this fable has a vocabulary list).

Puer et Paedagogus

Greek Bible Art - and Latin and English, too. Below is one of my Greek Bible Art graphics; for the individual Greek, Latin and English versions of the graphic, see the blog post: ἐκάλεσεν αὐτὸν κύριος ἐκ τοῦ βάτου. Dominus vocavit eum de medio rubi. God called unto him out of the midst of the bush.