Monday, December 2, 2013

Special Edition: Pinterest Board for Latin Carols

I'm sure many of you are already expert users of Pinterest, but it is something very new to me! I was thinking that the Latin holiday songs at the Gaudium Mundo blog might make for a good experiment in learning how to use Pinterest, so I created a board. It was fun: Gaudium Mundo at Pinterest.

As I continue to find new songs and/or new YouTube videos to include, I will try to remember to update both the blog and the Pinterest board. Meanwhile, it's a nice way to provide an overview of all the Latin songs that you can find at the blog. If any of you have Latin-related Pinterest boards, share your board address in the comments here!

And for those of you viewing this post online (and not via the email), I used this Pinterest widget builder to create a widget of the board also. :-)