Saturday, August 18, 2012

Round-Up: August 18

Here is a round-up of today's proverbs and fables - and for previous posts, check out the Bestiaria Latina Blog archives. If you have not downloaded a free PDF copy of Brevissima: 1001 Tiny Latin Poems, it's ready and waiting, and you can also get a free PDF copy of Mille Fabulae et Una: 1001 Aesop's Fables in Latin. If you prefer the heft of a book in your hand, you can get the books in printed form from

HODIE: ante diem quintum decimum Kalendas Septembres.

MYTHS and LEGENDS: The art image for today's legend shows Orestes and the Furies; you can also see the legends for the current week listed together here.


3-WORD MOTTOES: Today's 3-word motto is Tempus omnia monstrat (English: Time reveals all things).

3-WORD PROVERBS: Today's 3-word proverb is Misericordia temperet gladium (English: Let mercy make mild the sword).

RHYMING PROVERBS: Today's proverb with rhyme is: Quos vult, sors ditat; quos non vult, sub pede tritat (English: Fortune enriches those whom she wants; the others she grinds under her foot).

VULGATE VERSES: Today's verse is Pulsate, et aperietur vobis (Matt. 7:7). For a translation, check out the polyglot Bible, in English, Hebrew, Latin and Greek, at the Sacred Texts Archive online.

ELIZABETHAN PROVERBS: Here is today's proverb commentary, this time by Taverner: Serere ne dubites: Doubt not to plant. By this we be taught, not to wery nor slouthful to acheve some such thinges, wherof no losse commeth, but muche profit may procede, though not presently, yet in time comming, though not for our selves, yet at leste way for our posteritie.

BREVISSIMA: The distich for today is Malum Minus: Si duo proponas mala, quaelibet ut faciamus, / Unum sumamus minus, ut maius caveamus (call it a rhyming proverb for election season).


MILLE FABULAE: The fable from the Mille Fabulae et Una widget is Hirundo et Iuvenis, in which one swallow does not a summer make.

AESOP IN ENGLISH VERSE: Today's fable from the English verse widget is The Fox and the Leopard, a story about the beauty of the mind.

FABULAE FACILES: The fable from the Fabulae Faciles widget is Minerva et Naufragus, a wonderful story about how the gods help them that help themselves (this fable has a vocabulary list).