Monday, June 14, 2010

Hiatus: Liber novus fiat!

Hi folks, I thought I should post a note to let people know that for the next couple of weeks or so I am on a vacation of sorts - let's call it a "book vacation," because I am finishing up the first draft of the Aesopus Magnus book that I want to publish by the end of this summer. My goal is to get the first draft of the core contents of the book - 1000 Aesop's fables in Latin prose! - by the end of June in order to have the finished book done before school starts in August. And... so far, so good - I am using a delightful piece of software - FileMaker's Bento personal database - to keep things organized. When you are dealing with a thousand of anything, things can easily get lost by accident... but with Bento it's proved so much easier than I expected to sort and compile the fables I want to use. I'm actually ahead of schedule with this book right now, mirabile dictu!

So, please be patient and I'll be back blogging in a couple of weeks, with lots more to say about the book when I get back. I've found all kinds of fables that I never had found in Latin prose versions before which it will be a lot of fun to share here at the blog! HAPPY SUMMER!