Saturday, December 8, 2007

Round-Up: December 8

Here is a round-up of today's Bestiaria Latina blog posts (you can browse through previous round-ups at the Bestiaria Latina Blog archives). In conjunction with the Vulgate Verses book, I've posted about a Latin Bible phrase gloria in excelsis Deo which you might find yourself singing at this time of year as part of the Christmas carol, "Angels We Have Heard On High." Here is the audio for 10 more Latin proverbs - just the audio, but there is a link to a page where you can get English translations and commentary on the proverbs, too. Today's group includes one of my favorite self-reliance sayings in Latin: Sapiens fingit fortunam sibi.

Latin Holiday Songs. For the holiday season, instead of a Latin Fable of the Day, I'll be posting a "holiday song of the day" at the eClassics ning. Today's holiday song is Resonet in laudibus, a 14th-century hymn, widely popular in Germany and throughout Europe, in both Catholic and Protestant circles. I've provided the lyrics to two distinctly different Latin versions of the hymn.

Here is a painting by Giotto of the annuncitation to the shepherds.

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