Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Latin Proverbs and Fables Round-Up: February 4

Here is a round-up of today's proverbs and fables. You can keep up with the latest posts by using the RSS feed, or you might prefer to subscribe by email.

HODIE: pridie Nonas Februarias

Indus elephantus non curat culicem.
The Indian elephant doesn't worry about a gnat.

Non dare consilium prodest post facta, sed ante
   Facta bonum quidquam consuluisse iuvat.

Veri amoris nullus est finis.
There is no end of true love.

Lux venit ab alto.
The light comes from on high.


Mercator et Mures Aes Erodentes


The Aesop for Children
illustrated by Milo Winter

Travellers' Tales by H. C. Adams