Monday, November 16, 2015

Special Edition: Equus Eduardus

I'm posting this song on behalf of Kate Gladstone, who sent it to me in the email. I know some of you out there are keen translators of modern English into Latin, so if you have suggestions or ideas, get in touch with Kate via email: She has some other songs to share too! Meanwhile, you can sing along and see what you think of her translation of Mr. Ed:


Equus equus est, utique,
Nemo loquitur equo, utique
Hoc est, nisi equus est
Admirabile Eduardus.
Interroga directe,
Respondebit proprie,
Semper procedit stabiliter —
Loquer' ad Eduardum.

Fabulatur populus, tempus semper perdens,
Non loquitur Eduardus, nisi hoc quod vult dicere —

Equus equus est, utique,
Hic donec raucescat loquitur,
Loquent' equum numquam sensisti?
Age, audite verba haec:
"Eduardus sum!"

Here are the English lyrics at and her is the song at YouTube:


Quinn said...

Love this - thanks. Just when I thought Mr Ed could not be improved upon!

Laura Gibbs said...

Isn't that fun? I don't have the patience to do this type of modern-English to Latin translations, esp. with impossible challenges like horse/hoarse... but I admire the people who do have the patience for it. The results are always fun! I'll be starting up my Gaudium Mundo blog soon, which has lots of holiday songs in Latin, both medieval but also modern (Rudolphus, etc.).

KateGladstone said...

Gratias tibi ago!

KateGladstone said...

In the original mid-20th-century glossy-magazine stories on which the "Mr. Ed" TV Show was based, Mr. Ed's verbal accomplishments included not only speaking English (and quoting HAMLET), but speaking Latin. Therefore, I'm doing no more than what he could do.