Sunday, January 4, 2015

Latin Proverbs and Fables Round-Up: January 4

Here is a round-up of today's proverbs and fables - and for previous posts, check out the Bestiaria Latina Blog archives. If you are a Pinterest user, you might enjoy following the Bestiaria Latina at Pinterest, and there is also a LatinLOLCat Board.

HODIE (Roman Calendar): pridie Nonas Ianuarias, the day before the Nones of January.

MYTHS and LEGENDS: The art image for today's legend shows Achilles and Hector's Corpse; you can also see the legends for the current week listed together here.


TINY PROVERBS: Today's tiny proverb is: Tempus fugit (English: Time flees).

3-WORD MOTTOES: Today's 3-word verb-less motto is Non nobis solum (English: Not for ourselves alone).

ANIMAL PROVERBS: Today's animal proverb is iscum fugiens, avis in laqueos incidit (English: Fleeing the snare, the bird falls into the net).

POLYDORUS: Today's proverb from Polydorus is: Gratis accepistis, gratis date (English: You have taken freely; give freely).

PROPER NAME PROVERBS: Today's proper name proverb from Erasmus is Simonidis cantilenae (English: The songs of Simonides; from Adagia 2.9.12 - This refers to the tradition that Simonides of Ceos was the poet who first perfected the craft of writing poetry for money, on commission).

GREEK PROVERBS: Today's proverb is Νεκρὸς οὐ δάκνει (English: A dead man does not bite).

BREVISSIMA: The distich poster for today is Verus Amor Dei. Click here for a full-sized view.

And here are today's proverbial LOLcats:

Sapientia gubernator navis.
Wisdom is the ship's navigator.

Sic itur ad astra
This is how you reach the stars.


MILLE FABULAE: The fable from the Mille Fabulae et Una widget is Cervus ad Stabulum Confugiens, a story about a deer in hiding and a keen-eyed farmer.

FABULAE FACILES: The fable from the Fabulae Faciles widget is Asinus, Gallus, et Leo, the story of a self-important donkey (this fable has a vocabulary list).

Gallus, Asinus et Leo

Latin Fables Read by Justin Slocum Bailey. Here is today's audio fable: Leo, Vulpes, et Simius, with links to the audio and to the blog post.