Saturday, February 9, 2013

Special Edition: GreekLOLz Animated

I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier, but of course it is easy to take the Greek, Latin, and English proverb images and turn them into animated gifs! (For those of you interested in such things, I used the GIMP - just open each image file as a layer, then export as an animated gif, with a default number of milliseconds for each frame when prompted in the export process.) So, here is the proverb I had included in yesterday's post done as animated gif:

And for those of you who enjoy the widgets, of course there is a new widget! You can get the script and additional information about the widget over at the Schoolhouse Widgets blog.

Isn't the weekend great? I love the weekend! Time for all kinds of digital fun and games! :-)


Arcady7 said...

The animated gifs are great but PLEASE provide a PAUSE BUTTON!!!

Laura Gibbs said...

hi Arcady7, the blog posts contain the separate images that stay still. :-)

You can't pause a gif, though - it's not like a slideshow. They are very primitive little things. You don't need a browser plug-in or anything, which is great. No special software because they just "play" - but there are no controls on them.

Anonymous said...


I feel like I am learning some Ancient Greek, bit by bit, while furthering my Latin.


Laura Gibbs said...

I am glad you like them! They are really easy to make; I just do the Greek text with and use GIMP to make the animated gif. I hope I will have time to make some more - I just wish I were still teaching Greek, and then I would have a good excuse for playing with these fun things!