Saturday, April 7, 2012

Special Edition: Latin Without Latin

In the next phase of getting ready for my great "summer of distichs" project, I'm trying a very new experiment: Latin Without Latin. In other words, I'm writing some essays in English that work through a Latin distich poem phrase by phrase, but without assuming any Latin on the part of the readers. I hope that will be successful - and, of course, the essays should also be useful to Latin students at any level, as well as to Latin teachers. So, I wanted to announce that here and solicit any feedback people can offer. Here are the two essays I did today: Essay #1: Homicidium and Essay #2: Cursu Praetervehor Omnes.

Unus homo per se ipse potest occídere mille;
Unum hóminem possunt vix generáre duo.

Quantúmvis húmilis, cursu tamen ánteit omnes
Strúthio: sic virtus quólibet alta loco est.