Sunday, October 23, 2011

Special Edition: John Owen

I decided to work on a new little project just for fun this weekend, and it's ready to go! I collected enough distich poems from the Welsh neo-Latin poet, John Owen, to make an Owen Epigram of the Day widget. The widget contains the text of John Owen's poems, along with an English verse rendering by Thomas Harvey (from a 1677 translation). Here's a blog post where you can read more about John Owen and his poetry, along with links to various online editions of his work.

For each of the poems in the widget, I'll try to publish a post at the Disticha Latina blog, including the vocabulary for the Latin poem, along with some notes and an illustration, too, if I can find one. So, for example, the poem of the day on Sunday was A Centro ad Circumferentiam. The poem of the day for Monday is Ad Adamum. If all goes well, you will be able to check the Disticha Latina blog for a new tiny poem each day.

Below is the Owen epigram of the day for today; if you are reading this via email, the widget text won't come through - but you can click on this link to visit the blog post. Meanwhile, the Bestiaria will be back to usual on Tuesday, October 25! :-)