Thursday, September 15, 2011

Round-Up: September 15

Here is a round-up of today's blog posts - and for previous posts, check out the Bestiaria Latina Blog archives. You can keep up with the latest posts by using the RSS feed, or you might prefer to subscribe by email.

HODIE: ante diem septimum decimum Kalendas Octobres.

SCALA SAPIENTIAE: Today you can find sayings that go up to Diederich frequency ranking 46 - so the proverbs contain nothing but words found among the 46 most commonly used words in Latin. Here is one of the items in today's list: Deus omnia non dat omnibus, "God does not give all things to all people."

ANECDOTE OF THE DAY: Today's anecdote is Romulus Silvius et Fulmen, the story of how one of the ancient kings of Rome was struck by lightning.

VERBUM HODIERNUM: Today's NEW word is URBS - read a brief essay about the word at the Verbosum blog. Here's one of the sayings you can find in the essay: Divina natura dedit agros, ars humana aedificavit urbes, "Divine nature has given us the fields; human skill built the cities."

VERBUM WIDGET: The word from the daily widget is CREDO - which also has a brief essay at the Verbosum blog. Here's one of the sayings you can find in that essay: Quod volumus, facile credimus, "That which we want, we readily believe."

FABULAE FACILES: The NEW easy-to-read fable is Muli et Latrones, the story of a wealthy mule and his humble companion attacked by robbers.

FABULAE FACILES WIDGET: The fable from the Fabulae Faciles widget is Milvus, Rex Electus, the story of the foolish chicks who elected the kite as their king.

MILLE FABULAE: ILLUSTRATIONS: The NEW fables with images are Dives et Lyra Eius, the story of the rich man and his fancy lyre, and Gulosus et Olla Pretiosa, a story about an ancient gourmand.

MILLE FABULAE: ILLUSTRATIONS: The fable from the Mille Fabulae et Una widget is Haedus et Lupus Fores Pulsans, the story of a wise little kid and a dangerous wolf.

GOOGLE BOOKS: Today's Google Books are Fuller's Gnomologia and Morgan's Macaronic Poetry .

TODAY'S MOTTOES & PROVERBS: Widgets available at Schoolhouse Widgets.

Tiny Mottoes: Today's tiny motto is: Altiora spero (English: I hope for higher things).

3-Word Proverbs Verb-less: Today's 3-word verb-less proverb is Tempus rerum imperator (English: Time is the ruler of things)

Audio Latin Proverb: Today's audio Latin proverb is Qualis grex, talis rex (English: As the flock, so the king). To read a brief essay about this proverb and to listen to the audio, visit the Latin Via Proverbs blog.

Maxims of Publilius Syrus: Today's proverb from Publilius Syrus is: Pericla timidus etiam, quae non sunt, videt (English: A fearful person sees dangers which are not even there).

Animal Proverb from Erasmus: Today's animal proverb from Erasmus is Totus echinus asper (English: The whole hedgehog is prickly; from Adagia 2.9.59).

For an image today, here is the story of that wise little kid, 328. Haedus et Lupus Fores Pulsans. Capra, cum itura esset pastum, haedum domi concludit, monens nemini aperire dum ipsa redeat. Lupus, qui procul id audiverat, post matris discessum, fores pulsat, voce caprissat, iubens recludi. Haedus, dolum praesentiens, inquit, “Non aperio, nam etsi vox caprissat, tamen equidem lupum per rimas video.” (source)

Haedus et Lupus