Saturday, June 25, 2011

Round-Up: June 25

Here is a round-up of today's blog posts - and for previous posts, check out the Bestiaria Latina Blog archives. You can keep up with the latest posts by using the RSS feed, or you might prefer to subscribe by email. I'm Twittering again now at Aesopus and AesopusEnglish.

HODIE: ante diem septimum Kalendas Iulias.

SCALA SAPIENTIAE: The latest rungs on the Scala are Scala 8 (351-400) , Scala 9 (401-450) , and Scala 10 (451-500) . Here's a fun one: Qui numquam male, numquam bene, "Someone who never does wrong, never does right" (so, for example, if you are trying to speak Latin and find yourself making some mistakes, don't worry: qui numquam male (loquitur), numquam bene (loquitur)).

VERBUM HODIERNUM: Today's word is DIGNUS - read a brief essay about the word at the Verbosum blog. Here's one of the sayings you can find in the essay: Dignus erit magno, qui parva capit iubilando, "He will be worthy of something great who accepts little things joyfully."

ANECDOTE OF THE DAY: Today's anecdote is Ianus, the god of the doorway.

FABULAE FACILES: The new easy-to-read fable is Haedus in Tecto et Lupus, the story of a bold little goat.

MILLE FABULAE: FABLE OF THE DAY: The fable for today is Formica Transformata, the story of the greedy farmer who became an ant.

MILLE FABULAE: ILLUSTRATIONS: The latest fables with images are Ciconia et Uxor Eius, the story of a bad-tempered stork, and Upupa et Luscinia, the story of the hoopoe and her foul nest.

GOOGLE BOOKS: Today's Google Books are Peck & Arrowsmith's Roman Life in Latin Prose and Verse and Bell's Latin Course II.

DISTICHA: Today's little poems are Est instar vini generosi docta senectus; / quo magis annosa est, acrior esse solet (from Campion) and Rerum plus mundus microcosmo continet in se. / Errorum cosmo plus microcosmus habet (from Owen).

TODAY'S MOTTOES & PROVERBS: Widgets available at Schoolhouse Widgets.

Tiny Mottoes: Today's tiny motto is: Virtute promoveo (English: Through virtue I advance).

3-Word Proverbs Verb-less: Today's 3-word verb-less proverb is Numinis ira inevitabilis (English: The wrath of god is inescapable)

Audio Latin Proverb: Today's audio Latin proverb is Nemo nisi sapiens liber est. (English: No one, unless he is wise, is free). To read a brief essay about this proverb and to listen to the audio, visit the Latin Via Proverbs blog.

Maxims of Publilius Syrus: Today's proverb from Publilius Syrus is: Inopiae desunt multa, avaritiae omnia (English: Poverty feels the lack of many things, but greed the lack of everything).

Animal Proverb from Erasmus: Today's animal proverb from Erasmus is Mus non ingrediens antrum, cucurbitam ferebat (English: The mouse couldn't get into its hole because it was carrying a pumpkin; from Adagia 3.3.79).

For an image today, here is the story of the ant: 650. Formica Transformata. Quae nunc formica est, dicitur homo fuisse agricola, assuetus furari et clam surripere vicinorum messes et sata. Unde indignati, Dii eum in hanc bestiolae naturam transformarint, quae, inveteratae consuetudinis haud oblita, formam hominis, non mores suos, exuerit. Ut antea, huc et illuc per campos excurrit, furtim grana suffuratura vicinorum. Adeo Naturam et mores suos dediscere difficile est. (source)

Homo Formica Factus