Monday, January 3, 2011

Blogging in 2011

I thought I would take this opportunity to provide an overview of the Bestiaria Latina blogs that will be active for 2011. Blog projects come and go (the flexibility of blogging is one of the things I like best about it), and for those of you who are curious just which blogs I am actively working on right now, I've made up a list below. Plus, I've also got a list of Latin and Classics-related blogs that appears in the lower far right side-bar of the main Bestiaria blog - do you have a Latin or Classics-related blog that is not on that list??? Let me know and I will add the link to the list!

The Bestiaria Latina blogs for 2011:

Bestiaria Latina: This is the main Bestiaria blog,with round-ups of all the other blogs, 3-4 times weekly. You can also subscribe to this blog by email.

Mille Fabulae et Una: The blog that accompanies the Mille Fabulae et Una book; right now, I'm focusing on finding images for every fable. There is usually a new fable post with image every day.

Latin Via Fables: Right now I am focusing on easy versions of the fables from Mille Fabulae et Una. There are 3-4 new easy fables each week.

English Aesop: I'm gradually transcribing the different English Aesop collections that I have found online - right now, I'm working on Boothy's wonderful verse fables! There is usually a new Englsh fable every day.

Latin Via Proverbs: This is where I am compiling materials for the Latin animal proverbs book I want to write this summer. I'm cycling through all the animals one by one, and then I will cycle back through them again with expanded lists of proverbs (I've found over 3000 animal proverbs in Latin so far, mirabile visu). There is usually an animal proverb post every day.

Verbosum: I'm working my way through the 366 most common Latin words, writing up notes on each word along with proverbs and sayings that illustrated its use. There are 3-4 new words each week.

I Love Google Books: This is where I am posting links to my favorite Latin-related books at GoogleBooks. I'm trying to post at least one book per day.

Reading Roman History
: A brand-new blog for 2011, in response to Dennis's wonderful idea that it would be possible to read all of Mommsen, Merivale and Gibbon in a single year at the pace of about 30 pages per day. I am really excited about this new project; I am using this blog to record my own reading notes.