Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Round-Up: January 19

Here is a round-up of today's blog posts - and for previous posts, check out the Bestiaria Latina Blog archives. You can keep up with the latest posts by using the RSS feed, or you might prefer to subscribe by email. Plus, you can find some Latin "pipilationes" at my Proverbia Latina feed and at the IVLIVS CAESAR feed (Plutarch's Life of Caesar twittered trilingually).

HODIE: ante diem quartum decimum Kalendas Februarias. You can add a Roman calendar as a widget in your blog or webpage, or display it as a Google Calendar: here's how.

TODAY'S FABLES: Here are today's fables from the Ictibus Felicibus project. These fables ALL have long marks, plus stress marks for easy reading, and the poems have meter marks, too, along with an easy-to-read prose presentation of the story:
I've picked out my favorite one, "the dog in the manger," Canis et Bos, to share with you here in the blog; it certainly teaches an insightful lesson about spite and jealousy!
Canis ācer incubat in stabulīs faenī plēnīs. Ecce! Taurus adest, pābula comēsūrus. Prōtinus Canis lātrātibus saevīs Taurum prohibet, et non sinit Bovem, impāstum, līmen adīre. Bōs, īrātus, ait: "Dīvī tē perdant, invide! Tu ipse vēscī nequīs, et mē cibō prohibēs.
TODAY'S MOTTOES & PROVERBS: You can get access to ALL the "proverb of the day scripts" (also available as random proverb scripts) at the SchoolhouseWidgets.com website.

Tiny Mottoes: Today's tiny motto is: Fulget virtus (English: Virtue shines brightly - or, to use a Latin derivative in English, "virtue is fulgent").

3-Word Proverbs Verb-less: Today's 3-word verb-less proverb is Iustitiae soror fides (English: Faith is the sister of justice - faith is the sister of justice as faith, in Latin, is a feminine noun, fides)

Audio Latin Proverb: Today's audio Latin proverb is Abyssus abyssum invocat (English: One hell summons another). To read a brief essay about this proverb and to listen to the audio, visit the Latin Via Proverbs blog.

Maxims of Publilius Syrus: Today's proverb from Publilius Syrus is: Amici vitia si feras, facias tua (English: If you put up with your friend's faults, you make them your own - criticizing a friend's faults is never easy, but that makes it all the more important a task).

Animal Proverb from Erasmus: Today's animal proverb from Erasmus is Aquila non captat muscas (English: An eagle doesn't catch flies; from Adagia 3.2.65).

Meanwhile, here is another great Atlas image, which was sent in by Peter Eliot - it shows Atlas on the top of a building at the Carlsberg Breweries in Copenhagen! (For more about Atlas holding up the cosmos, see the blog posts for the past two days.)

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