Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Round-Up: July 22

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Latin Proverb of the Day: Today's proverb is Non gladio, sed gratia (English: Not with the sword, but with kindness). You can use the Javascript to include the Latin proverb of the day automatically each day on your webpage, blog, or wiki. Meanwhile, to read a brief essay about this proverb, visit the AudioLatinProverbs.com website.

Greek Proverb of the Day: Today's proverb is Ἡ κύων ἐν φάτνῃ. (English: The dog in the manger - an allusion to a famous Aesop's fable about the spiteful dog who does not eat hay, but will not let the other animals get near the hay, either!). You can use the Javascript to include the Greek proverb of the day automatically each day on your webpage, blog, or wiki - and each Greek proverb also comes with a Latin version.

AudioLatin.com: Proverbs: Here is the audio for 10 more Latin proverbs from Latin Via Proverbs - just the audio, but there is a link to a page where you can get English translations and commentary on the proverbs, too. Today's group includes this great Latin play on words: Amare et mare sunt idem, in utroque multi pereunt.

RomanSudoku.com: For your numerical amusement, it's Sudoku played with Roman numerals! You can visit the blog for a large version of today's puzzle (it's a facile puzzle this time, easy to play!), which is conveniently sized to print out and play.

Learning Latin Links. The link for today is Latin sundial mottoes - hundreds of thought-provoking sayings in Latin, accompanied by Spanish translations.

How-To Technology Tips. Today's technology tip is about FeedBurner BuzzBoost - another easy way to convert an RSS feed to a javascript which you can add to a wiki, blog or webpage.

Latin Via Fables: I've added a Perry fable type, with a Latin version by the Renaissance poet Candidus Pantaleon plus an illustration, to the blog today. This time it is Perry 147, the story of the lion, the bear and the fox. Here is the illustration:

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