Sunday, June 15, 2008

Round-Up: June 15

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Latin Proverb of the Day: Today's proverb is Stercus optimum vestigium domini. (English: The master's footstep is the best fertilizer). You can use the Javascript to include the Latin proverb of the day automatically each day on your webpage, blog, or wiki. Meanwhile, to read a brief essay about this proverb, visit the website.

Greek Proverb of the Day: Today's proverb is Ἐις ὕδωρ γράφεις τὸν ἔρωτα. (English: You're writing your love story in water - in other words, your love story is not going to last). You can use the Javascript to include the Greek proverb of the day automatically each day on your webpage, blog, or wiki - and each Greek proverb also comes with a Latin version.

Learning Latin Links. The link for today is The Latin Library - a fantastic source for both classical and medieval Latin texts online.

Verbosum: Latin and English Vocabulary-Building. The Latin word root for today is TORC/TORQ, which gives rise to all sorts of English words, including tort, torch, torture - and even nasturtium!

Vulgate Verses. The Vulgate Verses book is now available (from Lulu Publishers), and I'm commenting on various verses included in that book for their special qualities in Latin. Today's verse is Speciosa misericordia Dei in tempore tribulationis, quasi nubes pluviae in tempore siccitatis, which features a clear parallel structure linking the first and second statements in a metaphorical comparison.

How-To Technology Tips. Today's technology tip is about Google Calendar Event Notifications - Google will even send notifications to your cellphone.

Latin Via Fables: I've added a Perry fable type, with a Latin version by Steinhowel plus an illustration, to the blog today. This time it is Perry 142, the story of the lion, the fox, and the footprints. Here is the illustration:

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